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If you are in a committed relationship why do you have seperate auto insurance policies? 

The reason is simple: without being "married", most insurance companies considered you two unrelated individuals.  This means they will not allow you to combine both cars into one policy.

We partner with Erie Insurance and we are proud to offer discounts to domestic partners.  We understand that everyone should be able to be treated the same regardless of a marriage certificate.  If you and your significant other consider yourself married, why not come to an agency where we understand.

What is the advantage of having one auto insurance policy for both of us?


First, consider that you will now be eligible for a "multi-car" discount.  This can mean up to 20% off your annual insurance costs!  If both of you are paying $1,000/year or $2,000 total you could reduce each individual's cost to $800 or $1,600 total!  That is a savings of $400 annually!

Second, this may provide an opportunity to get better coverage.  Which one of you has better coverage?  Are they equal?  Do you know?  Sometimes the quoting process uncovers potential problems that you might want to know about before the accident.

Third, one point of contact.

Call or contact us today at 610-566-3900 and we will offer you a free, no obligation review of your current auto insurance. 


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“Michael conducts business with the highest level of integrity, and provides all options and sound recommendations for his clients. He displays empathy for his customers while maintaining a professional "can do" attitude, often anticipating the next steps needed to resolve insurance issues as they arise. I highly recommend Mike to friends and family members to serve all insurance needs. Mike never settles for mediocrity of his own company, nor those he associates himself within the industry. He provides first class customer service.”

David Himsworth
Kuntz Insurance Group