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Amazing Insurance Claims
These claims really did happen.


Give the gift of Love to the Newlyweds
Do you know someone getting married? Navigating life's risk is best done with a trusted guide. And when it comes to newly formed couples, the best time to evaluate your insurance is right after the honeymoon. Take advantage of married rates, multi-car discounts and multi-policy discounts. What newly married couple couldn't use an extra 40% of savings? If you know anyone engaged or newly married tell them to contact their agent or give us a call.

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J.D. Power Award - Again!
For the second year in a row Erie Insurance has won the prestigious J.D. Power award!


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“Michael saved us $2000 on one insurance deal with my business. I highly recommend him to review your policies and allow him to make an offer. Personable and trustworthy, I will use Kuntz Insurance for a long time.”

Jim Daly - Daly Termite & Pest Management
Kuntz Insurance Group